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Total Blood Loss

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Total Blood Loss is the tally of the Blood Loss from all of the Wounds sustained by a character. During the Check for Blood Loss phase, a bleeding character must make a check to see if he is loosing Health due to his blood loss. Below are the rules for making a blood loss check.

  • Endurance / TN [total blood loss]
    • Success: No Effect
    • Failure: Health attribute is decreased by 1 (temporarily, replenishes at a rate of 1 point per day of bed rest)

Effects of Low Health Attribute

When a character's looses Health due to blood loss, this represents the character slowly dying from his Wounds. Below is an explanation of the effects of a decreased Health attribute due to blood loss:

  • Health > 1: No effect
  • Health = 1: -½ CP, -½ to all Attributes
  • Health < 1: Character slips into a coma and will die within the hour if the bleeding is not stopped