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Resolve Maneuvers

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There are several steps in Resolving the Maneuvers for the exchange. If all members of a melee threw white, there is a Pause in the combat, and this step is skipped. Assuming the fight is ranged combat, or someone threw red, all players make their Speed Checks. The combatant with the highest speed check roll resolves his maneuver first, and then so on down the line, until all offensive maneuvers are resolved.

A maneuver is resolved by the attacker rolling his offensive maneuver against his opponent's defensive maneuver (if any). The winner of the roll then resolves his maneuver. In the case of a tie, both maneuvers fail.

If damage needs to be applied from the attack, it done so now. If it was a ranged attack, a 2d6 is rolled to determine the attack zone. This result can be modified by +/-1 for every 2 CP dice spent. Then, for all attacks, 1d6 is rolled against the Wound Location Tables to determine where in that zone exactly the damage is received. If this location is behind cover, all damage and effects are negated. The wound level is then calculated as follows:

Wound Level = (Weapon Strength + Attack Roll Margin of Success) - (Defender’s Armor + Defender’s Toughness

The wound is then recorded on the defenders character sheet. The blood loss of the wound is added to the combatant's total blood loss, unless a wound with higher “Blood Loss” is already located on the same area as this wound. The pain of the wound is added to the combatant's total pain, unless a wound with higher “Pain” is already located on the same area as this wound. An amount of dice equal to the shock of the wound is immediately subtracted from the combatant's combat pool, unless the area hit has a wound with a higher shock score, in witch case that shock score should be used instead. If the combat pool is reduced to zero, roll for Knockdown. If the combat pool is reduced to a negative number, the combat pool is instead reduced to zero and the rest is considered carryover shock. Lastly, any special effects of the attack like Knockdown or Knockout are made.