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Combat Maneuver: Kick

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Attacking with your foot or leg to do a bludgeoning attack.


  • Melee Offensive Maneuver
  • Activation Cost: Varies
  • A Kick's effective length is “Hand” for a knee, or “Short” for a shin or foot.
  • May only be made as a bludgeoning strike or thrust to Zone I, II, VI, or VIII.


  • Roll attack with the TN of 7.
  • If the attacker wins, he lands his blow and retains imitative.
  • The damage done is equal to STR-1, or STR for hard metal armor on the striking surface.
  • If hitting non-mail metal armor, half of that damage is first applied to the striking surface.
  • The final damage to either combatant can never exceed DR3.
  • If the attack is successfully defended with a weapon, it does striking damage to the striking surface as per the defending weapon, and uses the defender's STR at -2.