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Combat Pool Modifiers

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There are many things that can effect your combat pool during a fight, including viability, weather, position, and gear carried.



Encumbrance CP Modifier Movement Modifier
Unencumbered -0 CP -0 Movement
Slightly Encumbered -1 CP -1 Movement
Mildly Encumbered -2 CP -2 Movement
Moderately Encumbered -3 CP -1/4 Total Movement
Heavily Encumbered -6 CP -1/2 Total Movement
Overburdened -10 CP -3/4 Total Movement


Visibility CP Modifier
Looking Into Light -2 CP
Dusk -1 CP
Darkness -1/4 Total CP
Pitch Black -1/2 Total CP


Weather CP Modifier
Poor Weather -1 CP
Bad Weather -2 CP
Horrible Weather -4 CP


Position CP Modifier
Prone -1/2 Total CP
Higher Ground +2 CP

Target or Shooter Movement

Movement Type CP Modifier
Towards -1 CP
Away From -2 CP
Laterally To -4 CP
Erratically -8 CP


Range CP Modifier
Point Blank +1 CP
Short ---
Medium -2 CP
Long -5 CP
Extreme -10 CP
Beyond Extreme Not Possible