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Combat Maneuver: Throw

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Attempting to throw your opponent.


  • Grappling Offensive Maneuver
  • Activation Cost: 0
  • Cannot be made while prone.


  • Attacker may expend one (and only one) extra CP die prior to rolling to add 1 to damage in the event of a successful throw.
  • Roll attack with the attack TN of 7.
  • If the attacker wins, his throw is successful and he retains initiative.
  • A successful throw does 6 feet of falling damage and the defender becomes prone.
  • The attacker may choose to go to the ground with the defender which adds 1 to the damage and both go prone.
  • The attacker may choose to stay on his feet by making a terrain roll / TN 7.
    • If he fails, he goes prone inadvertently, and no extra damage is dealt.
    • If he succeeds, he remains standing and may continue the grapple or break it off leading to a pause.