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Combat Maneuver: Full Evasion (Defensive)

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Avoiding an incoming attack and exit the fight.


  • Melee Defensive Maneuver
  • Activation Cost: 0
  • May not be used if you attacked last exchange.
  • Not effected by combatant's stance.


  • Roll defense with a DTN of 4.
  • If the defender wins, he avoided the blow and there is a pause in the combat.
  • If there was no terrain to get behind or otherwise utilize, the defender must make a terrain roll TN 7.
    • If that roll fails, the defender lands prone after the exchange.
    • If that roll botches, the defender also takes 6 feet worth of fall damage.
    • If that roll succeeds, the defender stays standing.
  • Botch adds +2 to the damage level received.