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Combat Maneuver: Counter

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Deflecting an incoming attack with the weapon at hand while using an opponent's attack against them.


  • Melee Defensive Maneuver
  • Activation Cost: Varies


  • Roll defense with the DTN of the weapon at hand.
  • If the defender wins, he deflects the blow, gains initiative, and gain an amount of CP dice for his next attack equal to the number of successes his opponent rolled.
  • The defender must roll on the counter attack table to determine the exact nature of his counter attack on the next exchange. The defender may spend 2 CP to modify the result of the roll by 1 or 2.

Roll Next Exchange Maneuver
1 Strike to Zone I
2 Strike to Zone II
3 Strike to Zone III
4 Strike to Zone IV
5 Strike to Zone V
6 Pommel to Zone XIII
7 Thrust to Zone XIII
8 Thrust to Zone XI or XII
9 Grapple (no activation cost is needed)
10 Disarm