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Combat Maneuver: Choke

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Attempting to choke an opponent.


  • Grappling Offensive Maneuver
  • Activation Cost: 0
  • Has no effect against plate armor.


  • Roll attack with the attack TN of 6 if the head is already trapped, or 8 if it is not.
  • If the attacker wins, he retains initiative, and the damage is generic bludgeoning damage (not to the neck) equal to ST, but neck armor is applied.
  • If the attacker decides to hold the choke, he may do so by making a choke attack against the defender each exchange (TN 5).
  • At the beginning of each round, for as long as the choke is held, the defender must make a knockout roll.
  • If he succeeds on the knockout roll, he stays conscious but looses one die for his next knockout roll. This loss is cumulative.
  • Once out of the choke, the pain from the choke is reduced by one each round until it is gone.