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Character Creation

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Character Creation is done using a Building Point System. In this system, a player is given a certain amount of building points (or "BPs"). And different aspects of a character, like Attribute ranks, Skill ranks, Gifts, and so on, cost various amounts of BPs. And within certain limitations, a player may spend his points among these things as he sees fit.



A character may begin the game as one of many various Races of humanoids. A character's race determines what society he is a part of and has a large impact on how he is treated by others. A historical campaign might only allow humans, while a fantasy campaign may have many different races to choose from. Different races cost different amount of BPs, though humans are usually 0 points. Also, racial choice determines if you are Gifted, which allows you to use Magic.

Social Class

A character may begin the game as one of many various Social Classes. A character's social class determines not only a character's place in society, but also his monthly income and starting wealth that may be used to purchase Weapons, Armor, and other supplies. Obviously, the higher your social class, the more points it costs, where "slave" or "beggar" usually cost 0 points.


A character must begin the game with at least 1 ranks in each Attribute, with a maximum of 10 ranks. These attributes represent your characters core physical and mental abilities.

Attribute Rank Build Point Cost
Rank 1 1
Rank 2 2
Rank 3 3
Rank 4 4
Rank 5 5
Rank 6 6
Rank 7 9
Rank 8 12
Rank 9 16
Rank 10 20


A character may begin the game with any amount of Skills or Skill Packets, with no skill or skill packet better (lower) than Skill Rank (SR) 4. Skill Specializations and Levels of Grandmaster in a skill can not be taken at character creation. These skills represent your characters learned abilities, excluding combat ability. It should be noted that certain skills may not be available in certain settings.

Skill Feature Build Point Cost
3 Skills at SR9 1
Improve 3 Skills by 1 SR Level Each 1
Skill Packet at SR9 2
Improve a Skill Packet by 1 SR Level 2


A character may begin the game with any amount of Combat Proficiencies with any rank up to 15 in those combat proficiencies, and any amount of Combat Schools with any rank up to 15 in those combat schools. Proficiencies can go higher than rank 15, but not at character creation. These proficiencies and schools represent your characters various combat abilities.

Proficiency Level Build Point Cost


Build Point Cost


Level 1 1 2
Level 2 2 3
Level 3 3 5
Level 4 4 6
Level 5 5 8
Level 6 6 9
Level 7 8 12
Level 8 12 18
Level 9 18 27
Level 10 26 39
Level 11 36 54
Level 12 48 72
Level 13 62 93
Level 14 78 117
Level 15 96 144

Gifts & Flaws

A character may begin the game with any amount of Gifts and/or Flaws. A character's gifts & flaws help give the character a personality and direction.

Gift/Flaw Type Build Point Cost
Minor Gift Costs 3 BPs
Major Gift Costs 6 BPs
Minor Flaw Gives 3 BPs
Major Flaw Gives 6 BPs


A character may begin the game with any rank up to rank 3 in any Vagaries, as long as they have purchased the appropriate Race to allow them access to Magic. Though, certain races may limit the vagaries a character has access to and what levels those vagaries may be. A character's vagaries determines their skill and power in the use of magic.

Vagary Rank Build Point Cost
Rank 1 1
Rank 2 2
Rank 3 3

Spiritual Attributes

A character may begin the game with up to 5 Spiritual Attributes (SAs). Spiritual attributes do not cost any BPs. A character may only have one of each type of SA.

Other Choices

There are several other decisions to be made at character creation outside of allocating BPs. Below is a list of just such things.