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Blood Loss

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Blood Loss, or BL, is a component of a Wound indicating how much blood is being lost due to the wound. If there are no other wounds in the Hit Location of this wound, the BL of this wound is added to the Total Blood Loss of the character. If this wound has a lower BL than any other wound on the hit location, it is not added to the total blood loss. If this wound has a greater BL than all other wounds on the hit location, the difference between the BL of this wound and the wound with the next highest BL is added to the total blood loss.

Stopping Blood Loss

Any character may attempt to help another character stop bleeding. The bleeding character must be still to attempt to stop his blood loss. Only one character may attempt to stop the blood loss for a given injury at a time. Stopping blood loss requires the following check, and a separate check must be made for each wound:

  • To aid another, roll Perception / TN First Aid
  • To aid yourself, roll Perception or Will Power (whichever is lower) / TN First Aid
    • Success: Reduce the blood loss of this wound (permanently) by 3 per success rolled
    • Failure: Increase blood loss by +1
    • Botch: Increase blood loss by x2

Total Blood Loss

Total Blood Loss is the tally of the Blood Loss from all of the Wounds sustained by a character. During the Check for Blood Loss phase, a bleeding character must make a check to see if he is loosing Health due to his blood loss. Below are the rules for making a blood loss check.

  • Endurance / TN [total blood loss]
    • Success: No Effect
    • Failure: Health attribute is decreased by 1 (temporarily, replenishes at a rate of 1 point per day of bed rest)

Effects of Low Health Attribute

When a character's looses Health due to blood loss, this represents the character slowly dying from his Wounds. Below is an explanation of the effects of a decreased Health attribute due to blood loss:

  • Health > 1: No effect
  • Health = 1: -½ CP, -½ to all Attributes
  • Health < 1: Character slips into a coma and will die within the hour if the bleeding is not stopped