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Activation Cost Modifiers

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There are a few things that can effect the activation cost of a maneuver.

Weapon Length

The weapon length penalty is determined by how many steps apart in length the Weapons in a particular exchange are. A weapon only one step apart, like from "Small" sized weapon to "Medium" sized weapon is only a 1 CP penalty. A weapon that is 3 steps apart, like from a "Hand" sized weapon to a "Large" sized weapon, is a 3 CP penalty.

Weapon Lengths
Hand (H)
Short (S)
Medium (M)
Long (L)
Very Long (VL)
Extremely Long (EL)

This penalty only applies if the weapon is being used in that exchange, and no weapon is considered to be of size "Hand". So even if an individual is holding a "Large" sized weapon, if they are performing a Partial Evasion maneuver, their weapon length is considered to be "Hand".

The penalty also only applies depending on who has initiative and who got the last hit (a tie on a combat roll counts as a hit, it just didn't do any damage):

Situation Attacks against Longer Weapon Attacks against Shorter Weapon Defense against Shorter Weapon
Neither Combatant has Landed a Blow Penalty Applied --- ---
Longer Weapon Landed Last Blow Penalty Applied --- ---
Shorter Weapon Landed Last Blow --- Penalty Applied Penalty Applied

Attack Zone

Depending on the Attack Zone, certain penalties or bonuses may apply.

Attack Zone CP Modifier
7. Strike: Arms +1 CP
8. Thrust: Lower Legs -2 CP
13. Thrust: Head -1 CP
14. Thrust: Arm -2 CP